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in the end. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. more politics head with ce cenk uyger. >>> welcome to the show. tonight, we start with the latest developments in libya, of course. on day three of operation odyssey dawn. they always have cool names. unfortunate because we've got serious violence and that continued today. just hours ago, reports of bombing in tripoli followed by anti-aircraft fire. 12 missiles at military targets including one inside the gadhafi compound. that's very interesting. the u.s. commander in the region said the mission had so far succeed informed stopping gadhafi loyalist s from stormin bengha benghazi. they also plan to extend the no-fly zone to include most of the country. meanwhile, the president addressed the situation in libya today in chile, commenting on the u.s. plan to hand over the control of the mission to other coalition members. >> of. >> obviously the situation is evolving on the ground and, how quick live this transfer takes place will be determined by the recommendations of our commanding officers. but let me emphasize that we a
.n. authorized the use of force against gadhafi. the big question is, as you raised, what is the end game? and you have to understand that the end game for the military and the political end game for the white house is two entirely different things, thomas. >> you bring up a very important point. is the sense here that the department is true to form in saying that while they will go ahead with the military commission, gadhafi is not enough of a threat to be eliminated? they are not the goal? >> the initial is to remove the threat that gadhafi posed to the civilians, peaceful protesters or the defenseless civilians from gadhafi military. once that is accomplished, the coalition will continue to fly air to enforce the no fly zone. now president obama himself said that gadhafi must go. that's a different set of circumstances and an entirely different mission which is not the u.s. military mission at this point. but clearly it is a political mission for the white house and many of the united states military diplomatic allies there in europe. >> jim, thanks. >> you bet. >> i want to talk more
officials to know basics about the country we love. it's not just people who got us started got it close to right in principle at the beginning but the american people have had a civil war and made it better. that's our history. we should be proud of it and proud to know it. that's "hardball" for now. more politics ahead with "cenk uygur." >> good evening. i'm cenk uygur. it's a race against time to prevent a catastrophic nuclear event in japan today. this is a critical time now. at this hour, there are reports that four of the six reactors at the fukushima daiichi plant are in danger of melting down. perhaps most worrisome are the spent fuel rods in number 4. a top u.s. official warned that the rods are now exposed. a claim that japanese officials later denied. >> in addition to the three reactors operating at the time of the incident a fourth reactor is under concern. we believele there's been a hydrogen explosion in this unit due to an uncovering of the fuel in the fuel pool. we believe that secondary containment has been destroyed. there is no water in the spent fuel pool and we beli
to their strongholds in the cities. rebel leaders tell us without more support, without direct military intervention or at least a more sustained bombardment campaign by the west, this conflict could end in a stalemate. richard engel, nbc news, totobruk. >>> experts say the conflict present an even more complicated situation abroad. ken pollock worked as director for the national security council and joins us this morning. ken, nice to see you. right now i want to talk about yemen. i want to talk about these other hot spots. and there's always a major uprising under way in yemen. many experts have said there's a lot of instability there. also all of us in the united states say it's a proving ground. i think all of us remember what happened to the "uss cole" so why would he get involved in libya instead of doing something more proactive in yemen. >> i think it's a greet question. in the case of yemen we have multiple civil wars that have been going on. what's happened recently -- but yemen doesn't have oil, let's be very honest about that. libya does. that makes libya important. in addition, one of t
conduct against his own people? is it the people of the middle east who give us this special dispen sags to enforce our will on the region? has there been a demonstration, a mass uprising demanding that we step in, act to overthrow gadhafi, one of their own? is it the people we care about? and is it the mideast? and with what special constitutional authority does the president act here? what authority the people of our region? the people of our own country. these are good questions to ask. why are we not hearing them asked? that's hardball for now. thanks for being with us. more politics ahead. >>> good evening, i'm jake huber. the stakes have been dramatically raised regarding a bloody struggle in libya. last night the u.n. security council approved a no-fly zone over libya. today, gadhafi responded by calling an immediate cease-fire. one way, gadhafi is a master of propaganda and misinformation. late this afternoon, al jazeera reported that pro gadhafi forces were still advancing anyway and 30 miles away from the rebel-held city of benghazi where gadhafi had promised to show, quot
people. >> nobody's underestimating the scope of the challenge before us. gadhafi still possesses seer yore military capability to those of the forces arayed against him. he has made no secret of the fact that he will kill as many of them as he must to crush the rebellion. >>> this while nato is taking control of the mission this morning. nbc's jim maceda is live in tripoli right now. jim, one possibility is that the cia agents are assessing rebel needs, should the president push that go button. and from what you've seen and what you've heard, what do they need to regain momentum? >> hi there, richard. the rebels need most of all a morale boost right now. they are clearly hurting. that retreat that they've taken was a dizzying pace. actually, most of the rebels are licking their wounds, really, and trying to figure out what to do xt. cuently ajdaba. at aut 00 mi200 miles to the east of where they first hit that wall of fire a couple of days ago. keep in mind these were local militias they ran into. armed civilians mostly in jeeps and pickup trucks who ambushed the rebels as gadhafi's
of bumpkin anti-foreigner thinking that makes any sort of u.s. foreign policy discussion with this crowd a joke. at the very time we need to be dpedly serious in what we're doing in the world. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. more politics ahead with ce cenk uyger. >> on the show, i am cenk uyger. it's looking more and more likely the united states will soon relength wish military command in libya. what happened? i thought we were taking too long. we're expected to mare live from secretary of facilitate clinton. there's reports of a possible deal reached late this afternoon following a conference call between clinton and her counterparts in turkey, france and great britain. that is not hillary clinton, that dude walking in right there. we're going to stee secretary clinton in just a little bit. the pentagon said today they're working to hand off control to nato by this weekend. what happened? i thought we were taking too long. in libya, after another intense round of air strikes, coalition forces appear to be making headway on breaking the grip of pro gadhafi forces a
the way for rebel fighters to retake ground? >> but what has happened is gadhafi with the use of helicopters and airplanes was killing his people. as well as he had threatened to go door to door to door once he got into those towns. so the way to prevent him from going door to door is to make sure those tanks and there's no other airplanes by gadhafi flying to bomb his own people. >> so here we are. we're taking action in another muslim country on a day when "rolling stone" is out with this big article with the kill team in afghanistan. jeremy morelock among others, who stands accused. in fact he's convicted of killing afghan civilians and then taking these trophy pictures of them. how much damage does this do to what we're trying to accomplish in afghanistan? >> well, it does. that hurts us bad when you have renegades going on killing innocent people. that does not help us. and we've got to make sure that we've curtailed that, as the president has done, and condemn it. and also that's why i think it's important to make sure that we're working along with other allies and have
. >> are you ruling out u.s. military hardware assistance? >> i'm not ruling it out, but i'm also not ruling it in. >> that worries some conservative lawmakers. >> one thing that the american people need to know is that we did not know, nor did the intelligence community know, who the opposition is. >> today, the secretary of state and defense secretary hold a classified briefing on capitol hill. lawmakers are stick upset they didn't get to vote on military strikes. >> i just don't think that that is a strategy. it really is nothing more than hope. >> a new poll shows the public is split on libya, but at least one republican says he agrees with the president's decision. >> had congress taken even a few days to debate the use of force prior to acting in libya, it would have been nothing left to save of benghazi. >> and just a few moments ago, president obama laid out his energy plan. he says events in libya, japan and elsewhere means it is time for the united states to cut way back on foreign imports. >> in an economy that relies so heavily on oil, rising prices at the pump affect everybody.
for reminding us the president was raised in hawaii. the influence he felt was of the japanese americans of living in hawaii and not of the mau-maus that some of his insane critics have brought up. that's "hardball" for tonight. catch me tonight, if you will, on "the tonight show" with jay leno. more politics ahead. >>> good evening. i'm jenk uygur. three days after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit japan, the devastated country continued to reel today. police officials estimate more than 10,000 people were killed when one village was washed away from the tsunami-ravaged northern coast. the death toll is certain to rise. as day breaks in japan, it's a race against time to find survivors. officials say some 350,000 people are homeless and staying in shelters. as you can see the pictures there, it is absolutely devastation. you can see why there are so many people homeless. their homes are gone. emergency workers are frantically trying to cool down the reactors at the troubled fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant, located about 60 miles south of the earthquake's epicenter. there have a
it for the builders who still want this country to go. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. more politics ahead with cenk uygur. >> the rate to alert a catastrophic nuclear disaster in japan is in high gear. that meltdown could apparently be anywhere between three mile island and chernobyl in its severity. that does not sound good. we'll examine the potential fallout straight ahead. >>> but, of course, devastation is already widespread across japan more than 10,000 are dead or missing. hundreds of thousands are home will you see. with 450,000 in temporary shelters. massive domestic and international rescue and relief efforts are under way. 14 international organization and 102 countries, including afghanistan and cambodia, have offered aid. so far japan has accepted assistance from 15 of those countries, mainly in the form of search-and-rescue teams. usaid has dispafd 148 people and 12 rescue dogs. the u.s. military is integrally the relief efforts, "uss ronald reagan" is refueling, conducting search-and-rescue efforts and assisting with humanitarian air drops. that's the use of
about us. you couldn't ask for greater relatives than my four brothers and i had. i have a cold. sometimes it's good, i think, to remember where you came from. happy st. patrick's day to both my parents and to all of them. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. more politics ahead with cenk uygur. >>> good evening. we have breaking news right now. a potential breakthrough at fukushima. this is very good news. the international atomic energy agency is reporting there is now electrical power in place at the reactor site and pressure inside the reactors has begun to fall as water has been pumped through them. that is fan ttastic news. now it doesn't mean it's over, okay, and it doesn't mean that we've solved everything and there is a lot of uncertainty still today and you saw that in the events of today that i'm about to explain to you. the fact they have reconnected power is exactly what we've been waiting for. so as worried as we were yesterday, we're now feeling much, much better. and it looks like they're going to restart the cooling pumps. do you understand that?
or no doctrine at all? michael hersh is a chief correspondent for "national journal can journal" and joins us now. michael you have a piece that you deal hard with there's no coherent strategy when it comes to upheaval in the middle east. as we heard the president say there, there really isn't a cookie cutter application that you can use in conflict "a" as it works for conflict "b" as it would work for conflict "c"? >> well, that's right. you heard the president himself rather dismissively use the term "obama doctrine" as if, you know, he was trying to stay away from any such idea. and i think that he is. my own interpretation, that if there is a obama doctrine is to have no doctrine, particularly when it comes to the middle east because it is such a dicey situation. and you've seen this administration take different positions, as each of these crises has unfolded, first starting in tunisia and egyptian, in the latter stages of the egypt protests. the administration went from more or less recording hosni mubarak to protesting him entirely. and when the saudis marched in, they sort of backed off p
, quote, in the very near future about the u.s. role going forward. the government met with the african union to hammer out a solution. there's violence in other areas of the region as well. in jordan, the associated press reports more than 100 people injured. clashes in ahman were the most i violent in that country in two months of protest. in bahrain, security forces fired tear gas and pellets at anti-government protests. thousands defied a ban on gathering followi ining prayers. and in yemen, the leader says h he's ready to step down, but only if he can leave the government in safe hands. gadhafi is now negotiating. the leaders of tunisia and egypt are already gone. yemen is on the verge of being knocked out, as you heard. these long-running dictatorships are on the ropes. why? because history is changing before our very eyes. there used to be a time when barberism and conquest was par for the course. it was what was expected. the mongols once wiped out a town and destroyed every building, but they also diverted a river that ran through the town. you want to know why? they wanted to
-controlled east. according to the u.s. military, the war plane went down late monday after an equipment malfunction. both crew members safetily ejected from the aircraft, which is very good news. now, ever since this operation began, there have been many questions and we've been among those asking them. is president obama doing the same thing president bush did by not seeking authorization for the war? is this a split the baby approach that cannot work? did we go in too late? or did we are usual in too early? i think these are all legitimate questions, but don't worry. tonight i have the answers. first, let me start by saying that after much deliberation, i have concluded thatç president obama took the right course of action. i'm sure he'll be really relieved to know i think so. right now inside the white house they're like, uygur is on board? thank god. let me tell you why. i should also note he's following a bush doctrine, just not the one you're thinking of. but it's always driven me crazy that no one in the country realized we had two republicans presidents named bush who had the
not have the markings of a traditional suicide bombing, rather of a palestinian attack as we used to see in the past. at the moment there's confusion, it's been seven years since this bombing in jerusalem, a real feeling in the city over the last few years they had sort of moved beyond these attacks, because of the new separation barrier built between the west bank and israel because the increased security cooperation between israel and the palestinians. while there hasn't been any link directly, keep in mind this attack comes amid a sharp escalation in tensions between israel and hamas and the gaza strip with rockets falling in israel, the cities last night and the day before and israel responding with mo are tar shelling and other kinds of activity. eight palestinians were killed yesterday including four civilians and four militants. things are definitely, attentions are icrsed sharply inhe last 24 mourz. >>srel rio is poing on peon has died as a result of the attack that took place there, roughly around 3:00 in the afternoon local time. we'll continue to watch the story. thank you, ja
that means. defense officials say that at least one of the five navy ships used to fire tomahawk missiles from the mediterranean has now left the area. however will we defeat gadhafi with only four warships. and 107 of the strikes today were by the u.s. look at nato stepping up. the rebels are now closing in on what had been a strategic and symbolic stronghold of libyan troops. the city of sirte. it's one of the biggest obstacles on the road to the libyan capital. rebels pushed about 150 miles westward over the weekend. that's significant progress, amid reports that allied forces continue to hammer gadhafi. fighter jets struck a military command about six miling outside the capital. and u.s. forces are now using precision strike aircraft. the aircraft are used in tight targeting situations such as cities, to hit the enemy while avoiding civilian casualties. that's beginning to sound a little diceyer. in just over two days, rebels have taken the key oil towns of brega and benjawad. they have assured the world's oil markets that they will start selling oils themselves. first off, the presid
recall. you know the alcohol wipes you use to clean a wound? you'll want to check the ones you at home. a huge recall because of dangerous bacteria found in some brands. we'll have that for you. happy friday. i'm thomas roberts. we start in japan where there have been reports of a suspected breach in the core of reactor three. workers were pulled out of the complex as a safety precaution while the possibility of more radiation leaks over that region. japan's prime minister called this situation, quote, very grave and serious during a press conference that was hours after this setback. he reassured the citizens that nuclear techs and the government are taking a cautious approach in each step of this process. >>> the death toll from the dual disasters that rocked the nation continue to rise. more than 10,000 are dead and still 17,000 missing residents. nbc's lee cowan is live in tokyo this morning. lee, what are we hearing right now about the fukushima plant and any kind of extension as a precaution to the japanese exclusion zone for the potential of radiation? >> reporter: well, thomas,
me bring in jim mic la she ha miklaszewski. >> it's at least a very huge victory for the u.s. and the coalition forces, but it could prove to be a treasure-trove of intelligence about what gadhafi is up to there in libya and just how strong or weak he may or may not be. but, of course, musa kusa, the foreign cfamily, could be a psychological defeat, at least temporarily, for gadhafi. >> jim, let understanding of the immediate specific tasks they're trying to accomplish? >> well, everybody we've known for years and who talk about this situation say, look, this is a pro forma kind of operation, covert operation. where you put cia on the ground, as early as possible. in this case, on an intelligence gathering mission, not only for the current air strikes and operations, but to figure out exactly who you're dealing with in terms of these options leaders and forces. to try to figure out who can be trusted, and in the eventually that some of them may be armed, who you would give those arms to. so they would not be turned against either the u.s. or coalition forces or our friends in
with us. more politics ahead with ce cenk uyger. >>> good evening. in a moment we'll go live to japan to cover the historic disaster there. but also on tonight's show, president obama hits back hard at republicans who are trying to blame him for rising gas prices. who's right and who's wrong? we actually have the proof. and we'll expose the republicans' war on education around the country with former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. but we begin with a powerful earthquake that struck northeastern japan. we're just getting the first live pictures of damage in the daylight in japan. you're seeing it right there. request y-- you see people hanging out on the roof there. lower ground is dangerous, higher ground is safer. you see whole sections of town cities, buildings, et cetera, devastated. and the earthquake was an 8.9 magnitude quake and it struck near the coastal city of sendai overnight. it's the largest ever recorded in japan. sky scrapers started shaking and people went running for their lyes. witnesses say the reverberations were so powerful and prolonged they got motion sicknes
>> reporter: that is absolutely right. the u.s. role in this international operation with strong criticism, as a matter of fact. the president has gotten back from his five-day trip to latin america. he returned yesterday afternoon. we do not expect to see the president with the national security meeting that he's going to be convening with the president and vice president biden and other top officials later today. a resolution does not substitute for a u.s. political and military strategy and what the goals are, do we want gadhafi out of power, protecting human rights in libya, protecting libyan citizens from gadhafi's forces? what happens if the coalition dissintegrates? they say that they are going to have days, not weeks and those questions are mounting and george miller, a democratic representative from the east bay area of california, known as a top lieutenant, perhaps the closest person to nancy pelosi, the democratic leader in the house, appearing on the daily rundown, he says that the white house did not sufficiently consult congress on this. he calls the whole thing dis
, everybody. welcome to the show. i'm glad you're here. thanks for joining us. i'm cenk uyger. you know there are reports all over washiton that the democrats and republicans are close to a deal on the budget. the figure they're talking about is $33 billion extra in spending cuts. late yesterday, vice president biden seemed to confirm that this was, in fact, the case. now, i want to make the argument to you tonight that that is a huge loss for the democratic party. but, you know, of course for the tea party it's never enough. they were upset, they had a gathering today. people say it was a big gathering. it numbered in the hundreds. they've had much, much larger gathering than that. and, it appears that they're going to get a lot of what they wanted, but of course they said it's not good enough anyway. we're going to come back to them in a little bit. but also in's this idea in washington that the president is going to win if it's a negotiated compromise. hey, he got a deal. to me, that doesn't mean much. anybody can get a deal. if you wanted a deal, you can say all right, i'll give you
. because they can't win on the issues of the day. the questions of who's going to get us back to work? who's going to build a better country for all of us? more politics ahead with ce cenk uyger. >>> good evening. i'm cenk uyger. welcome to the show. i've got to warn you. this show tonight is going to be on fire. it's now official. wisconsin republicans have revealed their true identity. no matter what they say about creating jobs or cutting budgets, what they've really been after is the crush the union movement. and now it's absolutely inarguable since they gave up their pretense of caring about the budget last night. there was outrage at the capitol, by breaking the budget bill into two parts, republican senators were able to vote to end decades of collective bargaining rights without a single democratic state senator in the chamber. pro-tetesters flooded the capit and many stayed until the police dragged them out this morning. the state assembly passed the bill that governor walker says he will sign. we've seen a complete turnaround. we were telling you they seemed to be on the ropes. w
difficulties with that connection. >>> gruesome new details about a group of rogue u.s. soldiers on trial for murdering afghan civilians. "rolling stone" magazine publishing photos taken by a tank unit who call themselves the kill team. the shocking pictures you sigh here show the soldiers posing next to their kill, allegedly innocent and defenseless afghans. m mick, the pentagon trying to keep these pictures from the light of day. what's your reaction? >> the reality here is that the u.s. military, the army, first came upon this story almost a year ago when one of the soldiers of that so-called rogue squad there in afghanistan reported the fact that some of the soldiers in the unit had allegedly killed innocent afghan civilians. and in the course of that investigation, it was army investigators who actually uncovered 4,000 photos taken by soldiers. the vast majority of them happy snaps as you would see as if you were on vacation somewhere, but there were about 100, 120 or so showing dead bodies there in afghanistan, totally against afghanistan regulation. but the most egregious part abou
representatives are meeting today, including secretary of state hillary clinton. >> all of us have to continue the pressure on, and deepen the isolation of the gadhafi regime. >> reporter: this morning, clinton urged world leaders to unite and tell gadhafi, he must go. and back in washington, president obama's speech may have opened up a brand-new discussion on doctrine. >> this is the beginning, not the end of something, which is really important. and it cries out for a national review. >> and we're just getting news wire bulletins right now that three powerful explosions have hit triply. we don't know what has caused those blafts. we're keeping our eye on that situation. congressman karen bass, democrat of california, joins us. she's a member of the house foreign affairs committee and was in the room last night at the national defense university during the president's speech. it's going to see you today, congresswoman. >> thanks, thanks for having me on. >> there's a lot of complaints today about the president's speech being entirely unsatisfactory when it came to answering important questio
of is the table, because they are in tole disarray. >> congresswoman marcy kaptur, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. interesting to see how it turns out. >>> let me bring in a totally different voice. philip dennis i'm sure has a different perspective. first, i want to ask you, what do you want? do you want the republicans to just stay at that $61 billion number and not budge an inch? >> what we want is or government to spend less money than it takes in int's extremism, if th out of town, well, then all of america is out of touch. >> i hear you, and i would love that conversation, we might in a second, but what i'm asking is a specific questions. democrats have given, given, given. the republicans haven't moved an inch. do you want they to move at all, or do you not want them to move and say no? even though this is supposed to be a negotiation, we will not give in anything? >> we have a $1.65 trillion deficit. last year we had a 1.5 trillion deficit, which means we are printing or borrowing over $5 billion a day to keep this running and you're bragging because the democrats want to cu
comments about president obama's health care program using bad words to do it. is this the route for safety to republican senators? is this the future of olympia snow and richard luger and the others that have independent persons that he's all b. the invasion of the body snatchers will continue until it snatches every single republican in the u.s. senate? that's "hardball" for now. more politics are ahead. >>> welcome to tell us show, everybody. we have an excellent program ahead for you guys. just minutes ago wisconsin governor scott walker officially rolled out his union-busting, aid-slashing budget. he started out with a valiant effort to pretend that the massive divisions of the past two weeks are not just a disagreement. >> each and every one of us gathered in in chamber today with beliefs, beliefs we are passionate about sharing and that serve to guide our actions. we want wisconsin to be the very best it can be, yet because our experiences are unique and our beliefs diverse, our paths sometimes diverge as we tackle today's challenges. even at the height of our differences, we can and
kenya. so did huckabee. he told us he knew it. so why did he get caught telling us this story? george f. will should be commended for knowing precisely why he did. he's removing from the conservative movement or at least a presidential candidate for the same good reasons bill buckley bounced that guy back in the 1950 z, because it doesn't make the rest of the movement look good clowning around with these guys. that's it. more politics ahead with ce cenk uyger. >>> welcome to the show. we've got exciting news for you tonight. it appears the wisconsin protesters are winning. they are winning! governor walker is on the ropes. we've been waiting for polls to come out in wisconsin and now they are in, and they are really bad for walker. now a recent rasmussen poll, they tend to lean republican and even they show that governor walker is in trouble. 57% of wisconsin voters disapprove of his job performance. another pollç shows that just % of people have a favorable view of governor walker whereas 53% have an unfavorable view. that puts his unfavorable ratings up 18 points in novemb
. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. more politics ahead with ce cenk uyger. >> welcome to the show, everybody. we start with libya tonight, of course, where there's questions about how the war is going and how long we'll be involved. defense secretary robert gates tried to answer one of those today, speaking in cairo. he said we could hand over operations by saturday. whoa. that is very early. president obama arrived back at the white house after cutting short the last leg of his overseas trip. earlier today, he emphatically ruled out the option of a ground rule in libya. >> a land invasion is out of the question. >> completely? >> absolutely. and the exit strategy will be executed this week in tt senhe that we will be pulling back from our much more active efforts to shape the environment. >> that was clear, right? i'm getting a yes. clear. but apparently not clear enough for house speaker john boehner. he sent the president a letter today saying he's troubled that the u.s. military resources were committed to war without clearly defining the american people wf a missi
for coalition forces to stay on the offensive. >> all of us have to continue the pressure on and deepen the isolation of the gadhafi regime. this includes a unified front of political and diplomatic pressure that makes clear to gadhafi, he must go. >> i want to bring in former state department official and now bloomberg vice executive editor, james reuben for more analysis on the president's address in libya. jamie g to see you. the republican response to this speech came quickly. senator mccain, in particular, wasn't pulling any punches. take a listen. we'll talk on the other side. >> he made a very puzzling comment, and that was, regime change by force would be a mistake. gadhafi must have been somewhat comforted by that. if we end up in a situation where gadhafi is able to cling to power, then we could easily see a reenactment of what happened after the first gulf war. >> so jamie, obviously people were expecting reaction from the other side of the aisle for what the president had to say. do you think that's really a political attack or serious concern that might give other auto krat
. thanks for being with us. more politics ahead with ce cenk uyger. >> welcome to the show, everybody. wisconsin republicans have been getting increasingly nervous about their shaky position versus the protesters there. so today, the cavalry arrived, in the form of karl rove. the empire strikes back. first, why they're nervous. republican state senators are worried about recalls. scott fitzgerald said the recall effort is, quote, on everybody's minds. he continued, everybody's obviously receiving a lot of pressure. so they're in a bit of a panic. also, polls show people massively opposed to governor scott walker's no compromise stand. they're saying we have to compromise. governor walker is trying to walk that back a little bit now. so they've turned to the dark side for help. karl rove, the darth vader of the republican party. and he's turned to the billionaires. an ad put out by the rove front group, american crossroads. >> they're protecting a system that pays unionized government workers 42% more than nonunion worker, a system that collects hundreds of millions in mandatory dues t
. thanks for being with us. more politics head with cen cenk uyger. >> big day. there's a lot of news out there in wisconsin, and all across the country. fox news challenges people to call them out on their lives. we're going to take them up on that challenge. that's going to be fun. and there's a story with an anti-gay pastor kaugtd in a compromising position. you won't believe where he's caught and what he was doing. actually, you will believe it. it happens every single time. we have a lot of great stories and guests coming up. including this man. ron paul, winner of the cpac presidential straw fol, former partner in crime to alan grayson as they busted up the fed. ron paul is coming. we'll get back to dr. ron paul in one minute. but first, we start with a big news out of washington where there will be no government shut down. well, at least for two weeks. whew! today, the senate approved a two-week funding extension that includes $4 billion of budget cuts, and the president signed it this afternoon. now, the bottom line, this was a loss for the democrats. they didn't get the month-lon
-- they're going to somehow create. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us, more politics ahead with cenk uygur. >> welcome to the show, everybody. it's an action-packed show tonight. ron paul and alan grayson will join us. governor walker said he wouldn't negotiate. you know what he released today? negotiation points? tough guy, i thought you weren't going to negotiate. all of a sudden you see poll numbers and people talking about recalls, and he's no, no, let's start talking about negotiation points. fascinating. you know what else is coming? recalls. the wisconsin protests are having an awesome impact, as daniel els burg once said, courage contagious. there was a couple people standing up, a couple hundred, a couple thousand, until tens of thousands, teachers, cops, firefighters were standing up to a power hungry big business fueled governor saying enough, we're not going to let you take away our rights. those people made us realize they were what we've been waiting for. real pop you lists truly fighting for the, not tea partiers funded by billionaires, but a real grass
know? and what huckabee is saying he's another, he's not one of us. he's foreign. whether it's kenya or indonesia or whatever it is, don't trust him, he's not one of us real americans. it's. co-ing through so clearly. but in case he wasn't clear enough on it, he went on to brian fisher radio show and it's the same theme. >> you seem to think there's some validity to the fact that there's some anti-americanism in this president. >> that's exactly the point i make in the book. >> that's exactly the point you make in your book? that our president is anti-american? how many times are they going to go to this well? and how ugly are they going to get and how dirty are they going to get. all this is bad. his intentions are clear. but the last part makes it 100% clear, listen for the end here as he talks about what turns out to be his true intention. >> i have said many times, publicly, that i do think he has a different world view, and i think it is, in part, molded out of a very different experience. most of us grew up going to boy scout meetings and, you know, our communities were filled
night of the soul. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. more politics ahead with ce cenk uyger. >> i'm going to show everybody. hey, we've got good news tonight. >> that doesn't happen every day. we got more jobs and things are looking up for the economy. but, of course, the republicans are going to be debbie downers. >> we'll explain that in a second. >> so today, we find out the private sector added 222,000 jobs in february, and the unemployment rate is finally below 9%. president obama shared the good news today in miami. >> this morning, we learned the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in nearly two ye years. >> our economy added another 222,000 jobs in the private sector. that's the 12th straight month of private sector job growth. so our economy has now added 1.5 million private sector jobs over the last year. >> that sounds pretty good, right? what did the republicans say? not good enough. texas congressman jeb haserling put out the following statement -- quote, the real question is why is it taking so long and why is the recovery so weak? so he's not havi
? all right, richard, thank you for joining us tonight. >>> president obama gave himself a big pat on the back during his energy speech today, saying his administration has approved seven deep water drilling permits in recent weeks. except in at least one instance, the company's disaster plan was created before the deep water horizon explosion. so how much could they have possibly learned from the disaster? if you think that's bad, wait till you hear the republican plan. how about eating soup to get there? campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. having the right real estate agent on your side is more important than ever. at, you can find the experts you need, whether you're trying to sell of hoping to buy. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >>> the president unveiled his energy plan. i've got reservations about it. but the republican plan, comical. i'm going to debunk their nonsense ideas when we return. >>> a big and broad plan
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